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Our Mission

Potsdam Junior Hockey Association is dedicated to providing players and their families with a
whole-hockey experience, and is 100% committed to those who are able to fully commit to
PJHA teams and programs. As an association, transparency is vital, and while we encourage all
players to register, it is important to understand that team selection will be based on a number of
factors, some of which are listed below:

Availability & Team Prioritization – We understand that many PJHA players are
well-rounded athletes that participate in other athletic activities and teams. While we
encourage this type of diversity, it is important to understand that hockey, as a team
sport, requires a significant time investment. Both team selection and playing time will
reflect a player's level of commitment, and/or availability throughout a season.

Skill-Level – Teams will be selected in a way that allows for the most competitive
season. This benefits individual players, and teams as a whole. A player who is not the
right fit based on skill level will struggle, regardless of whether they are too skilled, or not
skilled enough. We recommend working with your player’s age-level head coach to
determine where they are best suited to play, and to encourage your player to thrive and
develop on the recommended team.

Work-Ethic – Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.


We are fortunate to live in an area with an abundance of youth hockey opportunities, including
wrap-teams, select teams, etc. The goal of the Potsdam Junior Hockey Association moving
forward is to provide our local players with as many opportunities in-house as possible, and to
foster and encourage a strong hockey-community. We hope that you’ll work toward our goals
with us, and help us to make our association one that is rich in community, support, enrichment,
competition, pride and most of all - the love of hockey!

A - Lukas #20

Board Members and Volunteers

Board Members And Volunteers

President: Jen Murray

Vice-President: Chris Coffey

Treasurer: Stephanie Wallace

Secretary: Erica Kaiser

Registrar: Leland Green

ACE Coordinator: Jeff Cary

Scheduler: Kaelynn Gimore

Jeff Truskowski

Crysten Weems