About us

Our Mission

PJHA is a volunteer, not-for-profit, community-based hockey program dedicated to providing all ages of youth participants with the opportunity to play the game of hockey. PJHA’s goal is to offer the best possible experience by encouraging, developing and advancing players through a structured system that emphasizes skill development (skating, puck-handling, passing & shooting), game knowledge, team development and fun. PJHA shall promote good sportsmanship and respect for others.

The Potsdam Hockey Association aims to help youth in the Potsdam, NY area gain skills in not only hockey, but to increase confidence, athletic ability, skills in teamwork and further personal development.

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Board Members and Volunteers

Board Members And Volunteers

President: Alicia Ward (aliciasutton_5@hotmail.com)

Vice-President: Chris Coffey (beans46290@yahoo.com)

Treasurer: Doug Saber (dsaber@potsdam.k12.ny.us)

Secretary: Lindsay LaSala (lindsaylasala@hotmail.com)

Registrar: Lara Niles (wells_lara@hotmail.com)

ACE Coordinator: Eric Thomas (erock9877@hotmail.com)

Equipment Manager:  Jennifer Murray (jenmurray15@gmail.com)

Master Scheduler: Travis Frank (tgarnetfrank@gmail.com)

Webmaster: Rich Ingersoll (rich.ingersoll@gmail.com)

Grievance Committee: Eric Thomas, Lindsay LaSala, Lara Niles, Chris Coffey.