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Recycle to Help PJHA!

By potsdamjuniorhockey | Dec 4, 2020 |

Interested in helping support PJHA, but not sure how?

Drop off your cans and bottles to CJ’s in Potsdam, and let them know you want to proceeds to go to PJHA. They’ll save the proceeds for us, and give us a check.

Thank you for supporting PJHA!

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PJHA Fundraiser – Krispy Kreme doughnut sale

By potsdamjuniorhockey | Dec 4, 2020 |

We will run the PJHA Krispy Kreme doughnut fundraising event from December 3rd – 13th.  Donuts are $8 per dozen, and PJHA earns $3.50 for each dozen sold!  The money raised goes into the general pool which allows PJHA to offset rising ice costs; this keeps registration rates from rising. 


·  Krispy Kreme plain, glazed donuts – for those who have not had them, they are super sweet & delicious.

·  Coaches will have order forms available at practice the week of Dec. 5th or you can print your own (form attached).   

·  Cost is $8/dozen.

·  Money to be collected AT TIME OF SALE, checks payable to PJHA.

·  Advertising flyer attached  

·  Turn in order forms by December 13th to team coaches or Lara Niles, Lindsay LaSala, Jack Charlebois, John Hammill or Abrahm DiMarco.

·  Doughnut pick up will be Thursday, December 17th at Pine Street Arena. More details will follow.

If you need further information or have questions, please any of the contacts above.  

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Covid 19 Screening Surveys

By ringerso | Oct 9, 2020 |

Covid 19 Screening Surveys – Each link is specific to a particular age group, and can be used for every practice.


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